I am so incredibly bored with people blaming everything from gay rights (it is 2016, grow up) and the cause of cancer on millennials/generation Zs.  So many times I hear, “Oh you kids now are always on your phone,” from my grandparents. Little do they know, we are texting back our demanding parents, or emailing back needy professors (not you, Billman).

Actual texts my mom sends me

THIS ALL started with World War II. Technology advanced greatly with the perfection of radar and the rest is a slippery slope. The Intelligence people returned for war JONESIN’ to put their minds and hands to work.

Then came the Baby Boomers. And little did some expecting mothers know, they were going to be giving birth to more than just a child, but also to the era of technology. Baby Boomers finished what their parents started. Not only did the finish it, but they updated it again and again and again (iOS, I’m lookin’ at you). These are the people responsible for Internet, e-mail, and APPLE for God’s sake. We are only using what was given to us.


So, the next time you want to go and yell at people under the age of 25 for relying too much on technology, think of these two points: 1. Technology saves our sorry a**es everyday when a text is intercepted about a bomb threat in New York or Chicago. 2. YOU PEOPLE CREATED IT OR BIRTHED IT. IT IS YOUR CREATION.

But, if it is a little hard for you to swallow your pride, blame Hitler for being a too proud German. He is the reason for World War II and therefore the reason technology as we know it exists.

carry on